Friday, July 1, 2011

Megan and Josh - Wedding Photographs by Danelle Empey

I was really excited to photograph Megan on her wedding day.  I photographed her older sister about a year ago here at the Washington DC Temple.  When Megan's mom called to see if I could make it to Utah for Megan's wedding I was thrilled.  So I made sure I planned my family trip around the wedding.

Megan is super cute and she and Josh make an adorable couple.  Especially with their green Converse.

It was also a treat to photograph again at the Provo Temple.  My parents were married there and we had our daughter "Z" sealed to us there as well.  It holds a lot of meaning for us.

The other fun part of this was that my sister Monica was able to come and help me with the photography.  She has been photographing for a while now and is really good.  We worked really well together and had a lot of fun.

Here is a little preview of the images we captured for Josh and Megan.

Anderson Family - Utah Family Session, Photographs by Danelle Empey

If you have been to my website you have seen pictures of this family before.  This is the Anderson Family, they are good friends of mine who I get the chance to see when I visit Utah.  And because Cassie has an addiction to getting her pictures taken ;) I get to photograph them most visits too!  And I love it!

Danelle Empey, Photographer
MP Photography
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