Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tiny Twins

Katie is one of my dearest friends.  She just gave birth to twins - 10 weeks early!  They are doing great and just need to stay in the hospital to get bigger.

I was really glad I got a chance to go down to Williamsburg and visit her and to be the first one (outside their family) to meet James and Thomas.  During the visit it was the first time she got to hold the two of them together since they had been born.  You can see the happiness on her face!  Not only that but the boys seemed so relaxed and happy to be next to momma. 

I was glad I could be there to photograph that special moment!  I fell in love with their cute little faces immediately and even got to hold little James. 

Congratulations Jeff, Katie and Leah...and James and Thomas (you guys have a great family).

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