Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up

Usually February and March are slow months, but with teaching the Photo Class (which went really well!) and lots of newborns, I have kept myself pretty busy!  Here are some of my favorite images from recent sessions.

This family is so adorable!  And I love how they found me to be their photographer.  They were visiting DC for the weekend and had a photographer lined up for a family session before moving overseas.  Their photographer cancelled last minute so while they were at the zoo trying to figure out what to do, a stranger noticed one of them wearing a BYU t-shirt and struck up a conversation.  During that conversation they mentioned the need for a photographer...I happened to be that other family's photographer!  So he gave them my phone number and the rest is history!  I'm so glad I could help and think we captured some great moments.

Here is a sweet newborn session.

And check out the BLUE eyes on both of these beautiful children.

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