Thursday, June 30, 2011

Keeler Family - Utah Session, Photography by Danelle Empey

This is a family I have known for a long time.  Kim and I met my last year of high school and we became good friends.  Her husband, Shane, was really good friends with my brothers, which means I have a lot of stories I could tell about Shane...but I will refrain.

They have two adorable children.  Jacob has tons of personality and is all boy.  Andi Grace has a strong will and beautiful, big blue eyes.  They were a lot of fun to photograph and kept me running the entire time!

Here is a little preview of the session.

I continue to find reasons to go to Utah (ok, my parents live there now!), so if you ever have a special event or need some pictures taken, call me to see when I will be there next.  I can always make time for photography!

Danelle Empey, Photographer
MP Photography
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