Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Crazy Reid Photo

 This is my sister and her family.  They are all so cute!  Every year we have to come up with a crazy way to photograph her family since they have a crazy family!  This year we thought they needed bribes to sit still and be in a family photo.  It worked!  And I think we got some great images.

Here are the twins (I know they look nothing alike, but they are twins!)
 This is Elizabeth.  I think in the first photo it looks like she is saying "Don't take my lollipop!"
 This is the whole family.  Adorable!

This is Isabel.  She was unsure about the lollipop!
 This is Reina.  No lollipop for her!  Yet.

And this is Ann and Chris who started it all!

If you have an idea for how to capture your crazy family, give me a call!

Danelle Empey, Photographer
MP Photography
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