Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Andersons - Sydney, Brynn, and Claire

This is another one of my good friends, Mindy, and her girls from Logan. I remember photographing Sydney as a baby with my little 35mm film camera. I loved those days of black and white on film. Nothing beats it, sorry digital!

Since then Mindy and her husband Shawn have added a few more girls to the mix, and I have been able to photograph each of them as a baby. Each time I visit Utah, we try to squeeze in a little time to photograph and catch up on old times. Here is our recent photo shoot. I love that each of her girls has a unique look to them but still look like sisters.

Here is Sydney. She is so spunky and I love her strawberry blond hair and her freckles. But I still see her as the tiny little baby she used to be! I can't believe how big she is now!

This is Claire. She is so adorable, not to mention stubborn! She wouldn't sit for any group shots, but she gave me some cute looks for her individuals. I love her little innocent face, such a great disguise!

Here is Brynn. She is going to be trouble! She knows how to pose and smile in a way that will melt the coldest heart! I love her!

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